Property Formula have an extensive track record in valuing all types of property and providing impartial, practical and professional advice.

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Each valuation is unique so an independent valuation is important.

Whether you are non-domiciled, a limited company or transferring assets in construction or property in a pension portfolio we can help with valuation for estate planning.

We are well equipped to provide valuations for transfer purposes, legal proceedings, probate and capital gains tax, all in accordance with the regulations of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Capital Gains Tax Valuation

Capital Gains Tax is a tax levied by HMRC on the profit made when selling or transferring an asset that has increased in value. A valuation is crucial in reliably determining the current market value of a property to calculate the amount of tax that must be paid. Picking a RICS approved valuer is a smart move when it comes to valuations for tax purposes and is recommended by HMRC. As tax experts, we are well positioned to value your property accurately and advise you on the matter.

Property Formula is renowned in Oxfordshire and beyond as experts in litigation valuations and can help mitigate significant tax burdens.

Matrimonial and Litigation Valuations

Accurate valuation of assets is incredibly important when going through divorce proceedings. At Property Formula we act quickly and impartially to determine the current market value of a property to make the division of assets simple.

Probate Valuation

Probate valuations determine the value a property would be expected to sell for at its current market value at the date of death for tax purposes. Valuations are particularly important if the value of the estate is close to or above the Inheritance Tax threshold. Our wealth of experience in the field guarantees you an accurate and trusted valuation of what is often the most valuable part of an estate.

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Help to Buy Valuation

The Help to Buy scheme is operated by the government to help first time buyers purchase a new home by offering an equity loan. When it comes to selling, remortgaging or paying off part of your loan on a property that has been purchased through this scheme, an independent valuation by a RICS registered chartered surveyor must be performed. Property Formula performs valuations that are in accordance with the schemes strict criteria, ensuring a smooth process for you.

A Help to Buy valuation is needed to help establish the market value of your property whether you have sold it or are re-paying the loan.

Shared Ownership Valuation

Shared Ownership Schemes enable buyers to purchase homes, or shares in them, when they are unable to afford all the deposit or mortgage. In the event of selling the property or purchasing further shares in it, a valuation must be done to determine their value. One of the most popular examples of this scheme is the Help to Buy scheme. At Property Formula we can perform valuations for a wide variety of Shared Ownership schemes.

Development Land Valuation

When looking to develop property on a plot of land, a valuation must be undertaken to establish the viability of the project and what risks it possesses. A comprehensive valuation will establish the characteristics of the property and its development potential. To mitigate risk, it is highly advisable to use a RICS certified surveyor to get the most thorough and accurate valuation.

Amenity/ Garden Land Valuation

When buying or selling plots of land it is important to understand what factors influence the value. Location, size of plot, what kind of land it is and whether you can get planning permission are key considerations.

Amenity land is a small area of land that often adjoins houses. It can be used and enjoyed by residents, but permanent structures cannot be built on it. Understanding the restrictions on amenity land and valuing it are key when considering making a purchase of this kind. Garden land is most often bought or sold in plots to increase or decrease the size of a property.

At Property Formula we value both amenity and garden land and can offer expert advice on both types of land.

Charitable Valuations

Property Formula is experienced in advising on valuations on properties that are left to a charity, or charities, in a will. In accordance with the Charities Act 2011 Section 117 the charity has to have any property left to it valued.