Property CompensationElectricity poles, pylons and electricity lines can all cause significant visual intrusion, noise, possibly electric shocks and there is the potential risk to health. All of these factors contribute to a significant loss in value of properties of all types.

At Property Formula, we have the experience and specific expertise to act on behalf of concerned property owners in order to maximise their compensation for the loss of value to their property.

We can negotiate with your regional electricity company to have poles removed, relocated out of sight or have the wires buried. We can negotiate capitalisation of the wayleave for both poles and pylons to provide a lump sum rather than being paid small amounts on an annual basis, including a recovery for the last six years of ownership, if you have not been paid.

Where pylons interfere with your lifestyle, planning aspirations or simply your views we can negotiate significant compensation from the electricity companies.

If poles or pylons are within your property boundaries then contact us today for more detailed information.

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