Your Questions Answered (FAQs)


Q. We want to invest locally in a buy to let portfolio, should we use a 'search' agent?

A. Using the knowledge of the local market, trends in investment and relationships with specialist estate agents, Property Formula investigates opportunities, assesses potential and considers the brief to ensure a secure return on investment.


Q. We need to transfer company property assets to take advantage of new tax reliefs, where do we turn to for a professional, expert valuation?

A. Property Formula know and understand the property market, liaising with the client and the company accountant we take the brief and exchange terms of business providing a clear instruction. Thereafter, a full inspection, in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) guidelines is carried out before generating a valuation using the best method of valuation which is then discussed with the client before final submission of the valuation report. The depth of knowledge of the market ensures accuracy of the valuation and a wealth of comparable evidence to support any valuation set Property Formula apart from the rest.


Q. I am buying a property and my solicitor suggested I should get a survey. What type of survey should I have?

A. At Property Formula we believe any kind of survey is better than no survey at all, but we can guide you through the different types of survey available, ensuring that you get the right one.

Isn’t it crazy that many of us spend money each year just to get our cars an MOT, and so often disregard spending a few hundred pounds on a property survey when we are often spending several hundreds of thousands of pounds on a new home.

See 'Services' for a list and description of the types of surveys which are available at Property Formula.


Q. We need more space at home for all of the family to enjoy, but don’t know how to create what we are looking for.

A. Property Formula have developed relationships with architects and builders to create the essential link, using our interpretation of the clients brief and knowledge of the wide and complicated planning system we are all well equipped to advise on a range of projects including: extensions, alterations, new builds, annexes and conversions. We also have experience of dealing with planning conditions, restrictive covenants, agricultural and equine occupancy conditions, wayleaves and easements.

REMEMBER, extensions and alterations will usually have an impact on value, so you may want to consider having a valuation carried out following completion of the works, including a rebuild cost valuation for insurance purposes.

See 'Planning' for further information.


Q. We have just moved to a house and there is an electricity pole in our garden which is obstructing our chances of future development, what can we do?

A. New and existing power lines, telephone cables, fibre optics and pipelines all attract compensation for the land or property owner affected by these apparatus depending on the agreement in place (if any) and agreed with the owner/operator of the apparatus.

Poles, pylons cables and pipelines can all be moved subject to the right negotiations. In the above scenario, there may be several options available, burial, diversion or compensation.

The next stage is to talk to Property Formula.

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